n00bcon 13 — A Tournament Report

Friday 12:15 pm

I open my eyes ready to seize the day. I am surprised with how well I slept, and I feel great considering I was in the lobby of the Panorama Hotel until 5am socializing and putting some faces to names I have only spoken to on the internet. After a quick shower I head to the first floor to see if I can find a guide to the legendary staircase that leads the way to the Rotary Pub. I am greeted almost immediately by Brother Stebbo and Brother Jonas from the famed Brothers of Fire based out of London, England. The event starts in about an hour, so we decide to find some food on the way to the event. Not too much is open. We settle for a kebab pizzeria after seeing the sushi place was closed. They both ordered pizzas that looked pretty decent; I had a kebab wrap that was medium+.

Round 1:

Florian von Bredow, Germany, Robots

Round 2:

Mitja Held, Austria, Mirror Ball

Round 3

Ron Dijkstra, Netherlands, Blood Moons

Round 4

Lorenzo Novaro, Belgium, Counterburn Blood Moons

Round 5

Steinar Lauritzen, Norway, LionDibBolt

Round 6

Brother Stebbo, United Kingdom, Lion Bolts Serra Counterspells

Round 7

Svante Landgraf, Sweden, Blue Red Blood Moons and Ironclaw Orcs



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Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva

Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.