NoobcoM 2— A tournament Report

Round 1

Vincent Romero Giron — Arabian Aggro

Round 2

David Montag — Alpha.deck

Round 3

Wheel Magrann — Temple Variant

Round 4

Svante Landgraf — the same list as Will (except for 1 Dingus)

Round 5

Brother Stebbo — Lions, Dibs & other good cards

Round 6

Mike Franz — Atog

Round 7

Mano — Blood Moon/Ball Lightning/Basic Island

Top 8

Christian Bang Jensen — Troll disco

Top 4

Leo Bruder — Robots


Danny Friedman — TwiddleVault

Wrap up

The day was a blast. It’s hard to know how hard your draw is, but I felt like I went through a bunch of Old School ringers who just happen to be a blast to play against. I ran hot when I needed to and was on the positive end of LoA more than my opponents which helped immensely in making the top 8. In the end, variance, luck, and my play mistake played a large role in me coming up short. I think the deck is awesome and would likely make few if any changes. One change would be the inclusion of a 15th sideboard card. I hear those are good. The Atog was only ok on the day and it’s likely that he would have been better as a single Dib. I think if I could have had the play against Danny, I likely win that finals match, even with the hands I had. I have to admit that I never used the Sylvan in the board, but that was more due to never seeing the Deck and only one midrange list on the entire day. The maindeck Sylvan was good all day, either allowing me to see plenty of cards or earning a Disenchant allowing factories to live longer.



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Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva

Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.