Old School at GPNJ2018

From Left: Blake Burkholder, Seth Roncoroni, Leandro Saucedo, Paul DeSilva

25 Mages gathered for the first Sisters of the Flame tournament that we ran alongside GP New Jersey on October 27th, 2018 at Cheeseburger in Paradise. People came from all over the Tri State area to cast Protective Circles and conjure Capricious Djinni while donating, and competing for, an incredible community card pool. Our event was also run as a charity event in which all entry fees were donated to Women in Need, a non-profit that helps homeless mothers and their children with much needed shelter and supplies.

On top of the community prize pool, we also assembled a collection of wiccan talismans, candles, and protection runes for the top 4, as well as an Unlimited Icy Manipulator and a hand-curated selection of fringe cards of every color awarded to the Most Creative Deck, donated and awarded by resident NYC brewmaster, Raging River.

Most Creative Deck was chosen by selecting 3 potential winners beforehand, and awarding it to the deck which placed the highest out of those 3. This proved to be a great way to select a deck that was both unique and viable.

The prize pool pre-signing. Candles and Protection Runes also went to the Top4.

We played 5 rounds of Swiss and were left with one player who went undefeated when the dust had settled. Deck lists follow in order of placement.

1st: Seth Roncoroni — Sped
2nd: Learndo Saucedo — Hot Zoo
3rd: Tom Simons — Atog
4th: Paul DeSilva — RUGw Midrange
5th: Blake Burkholder — Countercat
6th: Matthew Gazda — Black Rack
7th: Micah McOwen — Jund Control
8th: Ben Katz — Yawg Demon
9th: Andrew Walker — RUGburn
10th: Jason Dorman — Black Rack
11th: Michael Corley — Pink Weenie
12th: Brian Popkin — Black Disk
13th: Carl Bjornstad — Troll Discard
14th: Andrew Crenshaw — Troll Discard
15th: Andy Baquero — Illusionary Tortoise (Most Creative Deck Winner!)
16th: Jason Morawski — Juzamnaut
17th: Brett Attmore — Highlander DakkonDreamKing
18th: Adam Merkado-Weiss — Toss Up
19th: Travis Turner — Pink Weenie
20th: Stanislaw Zylinski — Mono Black
21st: Andrew Taylor — Powerball
22nd: Sammy Haghour — RG Ultra Aggro
23rd: Jelani Johnson — Sylvan Universe
24th: Steven Smith — White Weenie
25th: Daniel Kelly — INCEPTION (Note: This deck was the only one to go 0–5. Its only win-con was Jedit Ojanen and he never attacked. Danny was able to go 4 Shahrazads deep in one match. Danny is a troll.)

In Summation

GP New Jersey 2018 was a wonderful event filled with old and new pals, strange brews, and all for a good cause. With our combined entry fees and a significant donation from Sister Erik, we were able to raise $500 for Women in Need!

Thank you to everyone who came out to make our first event a memorable one. Our next tournament will not be long behind!

We are many wicks sharing a common tallow.



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