Summer Derby 2020

The Deck

  • Ivory Tower is great against opponents playing burn or anyone else trying to pressure your life total like tog or lions.
  • Divine Offering is for Shops, although they typically don’t resolve against trikes, hitting a Tetravus, Jugg or Su-chi is often game-winning.
  • Maze and Control Magic are primarily for Erhnam/Juzam lists. There is a bit of a non-bo with The Abyss and Control Magic, and although Maze can also get crushed by the traditional follow-up Geddon, normally you’d hope to be in a position to counter the 2nd four drop.
  • Hymn and Scepter are mainly for the control mirror. Discard is definitely a very strong strategy, Hymns can act as mini Mind Twists and at some point, even the post-board artifact removal is likely to get overwhelmed and the Scepter can rip out some Counterspells.
  • Blue Elemental Blast is in the sideboard for Blood Moon, but also good against Tog and generic burn.

Batch 1

Match 1: Mark Evaldi playing Reanimator

Match 2: Dakota Martinez playing Zoo

Match 3: Øyvind Skattum Vesteng playing Grixis Rack

Match 4: Henrik Storm playing TetraDeck

Batch 2

Match 5: James Rosenblum playing Goblin Moon Surge

Match 6: Jeff White playing Grixis Underworld Juzam

Match 7: John Sexton playing GrixisRukh Purge

Match 8: Michael Simpson playing Rack Discard

Knock-out rounds

Top 16: Ron Dijkstra playing Grixis Rack

Top 8: Thomas Hamilton playing UR Fish

Semi-Final: Shawn Sullivan playing The Deck

Final: Pez Unholy playing LionDibTog





Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.

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Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva

Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.

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