Winter is Coming — An Ice Age Draft

Remember praying to pull a Scaled Wurm?

The Draft:

The framework of the draft was the same as our first one: each person gets a sealed starter to open as their sealed pool, then we get 5 or 10 minutes to organize and plan (and order pizza). After that, we draft 1x Chronicles booster followed by 3x Ice Age boosters. 40 card decks. Ante is in effect.

Pack. Fresh.
I got pretty excited at the prospect of Demonic Consultation for Nicol Bolas but the fear of decking myself with bad luck made me take the Lava Burst instead.
UBR Wizards Bolas Burn

Round 1: Sister Adam

Could I have asked for a better Sister to start my day with? Adam was on a pretty control heavy BR deck with the black providing a ton of pain inducing enchant creatures and the red coming through with the burn, all topped off with some beefier creatures.

Wizards trying to cast spells through Seizures is a major flavor win.
He had 3 Seizures in his deck. Regenerating Kjeldoran Dead would have killed me!

Round 2: Sister Seth

Having drafted Old School with Seth recently, I knew these games were going to be slogs of control mirrors as he has a penchant for trying to do kooky dumb shit. We also both hoped that we might get to see two Elder Dragons annihilate each other since he had a Chromium in his 40.

Round 3: Sister Jeff

Since Jeff and I had sat beside each other during the draft, we knew we were both rocking Nicol Bolas. To my surprise, he had also splashed white for a few removal pieces. Game 1 was similar to my last match, both somewhat control heavy decks that drew the game out for a very long time. It was a lot of back and forth but I eventually took the game.

Round 4: Sister Ian

Ian and I were both 3–0 when we sat down which meant I would be in for quite a match. Tragedy struck as we shuffled up for Game 1 and flipped our ante cards. He revealed a land; I revealed my Icy Manipulator. Of course, he then proceeded to steamroll and destroy me, winning my Icy which immediately went into his deck. This was my first game loss of the day and of course it lost me one of the best cards in my deck.

Round 5: Sister Erik

The first 4 rounds of the day saw me going up against mostly control decks with maybe 1 or 2 larger creatures, similar to my deck. But Erik was on RG fatty beats and that provided a whole new challenge. He also had around the same amount of red burn spells I did but with one killer addition that he had luckily drafted in his colors: Stormbind.

The end of Game 3. I’m just out of Stormbind Range with Bolas on the table but I still feel like I’m in the weeds.


Going undefeated and snatching 1st place won me a Jester’s Cap, Ice Age Icy Manipulator (take that Ian!), and a copy of Scrye Magazine from June 1995 featuring the brand new set coming to your local hobby store: Ice Age. Also, as is now the custom, we drafted by standings the incredible prize pool that everybody had donated cards to, stamped and signed.

I still can’t decide which color of card the stamp looks best on. They all look good!
Creatures suck.


My only regret is that I didn’t get to play all of the people in the room because some of the decks seemed wild! Of special note was Sister David’s UG Polar Kraken Ramp deck. He was actually able to drop a Kraken on turn 5 or 6 in one game and that made his deck completely worth it.

Tinder Wall, Fyndhorn Elder, Ashnod’s Altar, Polar Kraken, swing for 11. Wanna go to game 2?
Tense decisions with Cuombajj Witches and a Scaled Wurm with Prismatic Ward.
Are you even playing Old School if you aren’t playing on the floor?



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Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva


Old School Magic player and head of Sisters of the Flame.